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Chesapeake Estate Services an Annapolis company dedicated to providing sensitive and personalized assistance to families and attorneys settling an estate, or people making such major life adjustment as moving from a house into a retirement community or nursing facility.

Chesapeake Estate Services is of particular help when:

  • family members do not live locally,
  • the homeowner(s) needs help closing up the house and moving,
  • the estate attorney or bank is named personal representative,
  • the personal representative does not have time to accomplish everything associated with settling and closing an estate.

    —When there has been a death, we work with the estate attorney orpersonal representative to liquidate estate assets. We also can providethe personal property inventory and appraisal legally required for the estate process.

    — When you are downsizing, we help deal with a lifetime of personal possessions and can help coordinate your move to a new home.

    — We set up and manage Estate Sales on site to sell items you or family members are not going to keep or move to the new home. If a sale is not possible onsite, we can coordinate other options for disposal of property.

    — We take care of items that are not saleable, coordinating consignments, donations or disposal.

    — We do not take a percentage of the proceeds; rather we charge by the hour as a professional service.

    — Usually, within 2–3 weeks of our starting in a house, it is completely empty.

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